Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NCAA 08 Rundown: The End.

Final thoughts on NCAA 08:

Well, since I no longer have an xbox360 (or at least not for another month), I might as well call an end to this preview, and publish my findings. But before I begin, I do also need to recommend Gamespot.com's subscription service. It's $30 a year and with full movies, patches, game guides (the one I'm using here came from the pay service) and all of it for speedy downloads. I feel it's a pretty good deal.

I’m a homer, yes, but I’ve also played with a lot of different teams on NCAA, and I’d honestly have to say that the Gamecocks have the best balanced offensive playbook in the game. Numerous single back and shotgun sets, about four I formations of various appearances, and one split back set with 3 wideouts (that incidentally, I do not like). Also, under the Single Back, “Big” set and all the way to the right you will find the Emory and Henry plays. There are also a decent number of option plays if you want to change off of a predominantly option offense to a more passing based offense (I’m looking at you, Florida fans). But if you’re looking for the…


then you have to go with Florida. The “Gator” shotgun formation is amazing with Tebow. When I played as UF, I used this formation to bludgeon my opponents with straight ahead runs by QB #15. For the uninitiated, it has Tebow deep in the ‘gun and he has two running backs closer to the line of scrimmage as potential blockers or as option runners. There is one wideout split wide, and the formation has two tight ends. It looks like something the Four Horseman would run, and it’s just as effective. I’m just pissed they don’t have the all-time teams in this game anymore because I’d love to try this formation out with 1946 Army or 1995 Nebraska or something like that.


Definitely goes to Arkansas for the Wildcat. McFadden with a run/throw option=awesome. OH and huge tip…you have to press X on the 360 until you get the “HB QB Sub” package to run the plays correctly. Big tip from Gamespot.com.

You probably know the best team in the game. That is obviously USC…and I didn’t even play as them. It just seems unfair. But I did play as LSU and they are incredible. So much speed on defense, and a solid running attack. Don’t make mistakes in the air (and it is easy to do this year) and you’re assured of victory.

So the last category that I have is the “sandbag” category. This is the thing where you pick an unranked team and your buddy picks another unranked team. Sometimes these teams are better than some of the ranked ones, so it helps to know which ones to pick. Here are some examples.


I know, I know…I’m a homer…but I have to go with South Carolina again on this one. The Gamecocks have a solid defense led by Jasper Brinkley (who is a monster), Blake Mitchell is an 89(!), Kenny McKinley is amazing and so are Cory Boyd (90 rtg) and Mike Davis (88 rtg). Chris Culliver (WR #80, true frosh) is also in this game and his speed rating is a 95. So put him in as your 3rd WR. Ryan Succop is an absolute monster in the kicking game and if you’re accurate, he’ll nail anything closer than the 35 yard line.

But in a twist, I’m going to also recommend Clemson. They have two amazing backs and James Davis (94 spd, 88 break tackle, 91 truck, 94 acceleration & agility) cannot be tackled in the game…it’s seriously almost impossible. Add to this a defense averaged to 89 by Gamespot.com and they are a legit sandbag team.

If you like high powered offenses with little to no defense, then Missouri is your squad. Chase Daniels (84 spd, 89 throw power & accuracy) leads a potent offense, but you better put up points because the Mizzou defense is pretty weak—Gamespot.com gives them an average of 77 while their offense gets an average of 92.

So that’s that. Have fun with the game…and remember, the object of this game is one thing: “Shit Talking.”


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