Friday, June 29, 2007

French...winning for once.

Real life is kicking my the form of a six week French 101 class. Meets M-F, quizzes every day, tests every Friday. Thing is, I need it if I'm going to continue in academe. Expect a badass post this weekend though...I'm going to give yall a teaser. Clint Eastwood. German uniforms. Tons of explosions. Cable car fight scenes. Massive amounts of dead Nazis...and this:

If all that doesn't interest you, then I don't want to be your friend.


Newspaper Hack said...

"Where Eagles Dare" is one of my all-time favorites, but you have to laugh at how the Germans speak German, then English, then German, with no proper transistion.

Anonymous said...

Bonne chance, mon ami!