Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NCAA 08 First Thoughts...

...I need to work on my passing game. So I got it at 12:30, got a twelve pack, came home and booted it up in the ol' Xbox 360. Fowler breaks down some new features while you see badass trick plays play through on the screen. This new save your replay thing is either the coolest thing ever or the dorkiest thing ever--basically, you can save replays and upload them to the internet. On the one hand, it'd be cool to beat your friend's ass, save replays and then send email them to him with subject lines like "holy shit scarlett johansson nip slip!" and then some nice play on the other end of that nondescript youtube html. But then again, who the fuck sends NCAA clips of themselves over the internet? Bottom line is, I hope reallyboredugafan gets this game quickly.

So after that, I start up with a Carolina-Clemson game. At this point, I started taking notes, and I'm kinda drunk, so I'll just start to list those notes right now.

--The Gamecock helmets are authentic down to the SC State flag stickers on the back of them.

--Gamecock unis are Under Armour. Click mothafuckin clack.

--CJ Spiller=untackalable. And fast. Probably much more untackalabe than in real life. If you like to run the ball, go with Clemson.

--Blake Mitchell=the most perfectly modeled QB in the game. First drive, he goes 4-4, 58yds, 1td. He then proceeds to go 0-12 with FOUR PICKS over the next two and a half quarters. I benched him in favor of Garcia, who led the Gamecocks to a close 27-24 win over the Tigers. Late Succop field goal was the factor.

--Succop=dominant kicker.

--More on Mitchell-My roommate comes home from the bar and so we play Gators-Gamecocks. Blake torches the UF defense for about 295yds, 3tds.

--The whole game just looks a lot better from EA's last effort on the 360.

--Tebow+Gator playbook=potentially the best option team in the game.

--Passing is more difficult, you need to switch it up a lot, runs with the pass, draws, etc.

--DB's have much better hands.

--Clemson could not cover Kenny McKinley to save their lives.

--I played next as LSU, roommate was Auburn. Two teams with "Tiger Rag" for their fight songs was torture.

--LSU's defense is fucking incredible. Fast and can hit the shit out of people. I picked Cox off seven times. Two picks to the house, one more called back on clipping call.

--Auburn's #44, Ben Tate(?) is pretty fucking good.

--LSU's Alley Broussard is better. The game came down to a defensive stalemate, whereas I could barely complete any passes at all (1-11), I could kinda run the ball. My roommate completed passes all over the field, to me and his own players. Final: LSU takes it, 20-10.

--There is a lot of shit going on in the pre-snap screen now. Audibles for the o-line, WRs, RBs, play switching, etc. Similar things for the defense.

--I am addicted. More info tomorrow here...in the mean time, back to it.


Flounder said...

what platform did you get the game on?

Robert said...

Oops...probably should mention that more clearly. XBOX360